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My 2002 bone stock GT has developed a stutter when asking for hard acceleration in say second or third gear at 1500-3000 RPM. Another note, the car idles fine and seems to run ok at higher RPM, it only happens when under hard acceleration at lower RPM.

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Hello! Typically, HEET® will dilute and break water down in about 20-30 minutes in a 18-20 gallon fuel tank. In a motorcycle, you’d only need about .5oz per gallon at the most and it would probably take a few minutes. We would recommend trying to get rid of these “bad” fuel as much as possible then refill with fresh, high octane fuel.

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My 200 hp hpdi 2002 motor runs great up to 5000 rpm then sputters. The 10 micron spin on and cartruge filter have been changed,but not the Yamaha 300 HPDI, engine would cut out or sputter at high rpms at times. Then would run great for a while. Now it starts to sputter when trying to get on...

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My crew does not just sell electrical parts for powersports…they solve problems. They take pride in designing & manufacturing more efficient parts, providing all the information necessary for an easy and reliable installation, and supporting the customer before, during, and after the sale.

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1100/1130 kit RPMs and CDI boxes - We recently had a customer bring us his 1130cc Sleeper equipped Venture with a complaint of low rpm ability. He told us that no matter how he jetted the machine, his digital tach would never show more than 6700 rpm (high 6900's is normal).

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i had a similar problem (sputter at 2000rpms and with accelorator to the floor would almost die out) but mine was due to over heating and gas tank had trash in it. electric fan wasn't coming on so I straight wired it , removed and cleaned gas tank...

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Jun 17, 2020 · RPMs dropped to about 200 from 2500, the torque converter unhooked, and then it slammed back. The truck drove the rest of the trip just fine. The next day it was way worse. Under any form of acceleration or even maintaining speed, it stalls. Sometimes it's worse than others; often the stall just feels like a jerk, and the RPM drop is barely ...

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b) Gets rid of high rpm timing retarder allowing the engine to make power for longer. c) Set timing for maximium power and driveability across the entire rpm range & all throttle positions 4) Raise rev-limit in all gears to 5850 rpm. (some tests shown below at 6000) For customers it will be set at 5850

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RPM Motorcycles 01324 630660 07787 743741 Email: [email protected] 404. That's an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. Factory trained technician with more than 30 years experience servicing and repairing all makes of motorcycle.

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Jun 24, 2017 · Hey , so went for a ride, the bike started quick, ran fine for the first 15 minutes then it started backfiring while holding a rpm in low range but at high range it was good but idle was rough. Only one time after fielding did it stall while idling and it had trouble starting everywhere (longer start had too give throttle when I pushed start ...

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RPM is the whole reason for transmissions: if there was only one gear the RPM would get so high that the engine would become damaged. By shifting into higher gears, the RPM is lower and you get ...
b) Gets rid of high rpm timing retarder allowing the engine to make power for longer. c) Set timing for maximium power and driveability across the entire rpm range & all throttle positions 4) Raise rev-limit in all gears to 5850 rpm. (some tests shown below at 6000) For customers it will be set at 5850
After about 20-30 seconds of idle it sounds like one cylinder is missing. It stutters pretty bad on low rpm take off from a stop. It all goes away after 2000rpms. A bad clutch can make the bike feel crappy on take off and at low RPM's. If so the Graves clutch kit will fix it instantly. But, it doesn't really explain...
If the same motor flowed 107 CFM at 5600 RPM and WOT, it would have a VE of about 75%. Conversely, it the motor was equipped with some high performance airflow mods, like pipes, air cleaner, cams, and the like, and flowed more than 143 CFM at that 5600 RPM and WOT; it would have a VE of MORE than 100%.
Jul 14, 2011 · Now the spark is all good but it is sputtering in the mid-high range. It sounds a bit like its bouncing off the rev-limiter. I mostly notice it when I rip it up/down the street and get on the throttle to run through the gears. It’ll accelerate and then mid-RPM it will start to sound like ass. Neighbours love me… Any thoughts dudes? New stator

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Describe the sputter in more detail. If it's mild, with a barely noticeable drop in power, it's probably four stroking - which you should expect when it runs out of RPM at top speed. With a better air cleaner, it might be running lean, though (more air, same amount of fuel). Check your plug color and adjust the needle clip accordingly.
Apr 29, 2010 · I'm a new motorcycle owner and am having a problem that I can't figure out. I've got a '96 gs500 with about 12000 miles that I got back in December for about $950. It starts strong every time and ran fine, and for $950 I figured it would be a great starter bike both for riding and working on (doesn't bother me if it's obviously been down a ... When accelerating it will sputter or miss and the exhaust sounds like it's farting. When I get up to 2800 RPM or so it smoothes out and seems to be ok when I I just read a bmw service bulletin reguarding the problem u are having where sputters at low rpm then o.k. at higher rpm points to bad coils.