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Heirloom Skunk Collection Lemon Glue Collection Lemon Sap Collection Melted Gelato Collection Mr. Bob Hemphill Collection Orange Burmese Collection Tom Hill Haze Collection 99/OG Collection 3 packs of Equilibrium Genetics seeds pictured with a cutting of “Chocolate Glue”, a phenotype of “Glue 75%”

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Quite an honour, given that the Skunk strain is indeed a breed entirely in its own right. A perennial favourite since its birth in the seventies, this dank and potent strain has since become the genetic cornerstone of creating innumerable cannabis hybrids throughout the world.

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Bluebirds works with Deep Roots Harvest to fill each preroll with connoisseur-grade flowers. Each pack comes with three (3) prerolls, 1 gram in each preroll. DetailsWeight3g

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TK x Super Skunk - East Coast Originals (10 Regular Seeds) for $65 per ea. by Wood Booger on Strainly. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve your experience with personalized content and ads. By clicking "Allow" below or navigating this site, you accept use of cookies for these purposes. Learn more ...

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Crosses a potent OG Skunk #1 with the resinous indica Afghani. OG Cheese’s dreamy, intoxicating buzz makes it a popular strain for recreational consumers, but commercial growers also cherish this strain for its short flowering cycle and heavy yields.

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Oct 08, 2020 · (CNN)Less than a month into the academic year at Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, Alex, a 17-year-old high school senior, is feeling the strain of life in an uncertain time.

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When you fim or top cannabis plants these technique can be the best way to increase your overall yield at harvest time. If you want lots of budding sites Fimming and Topping your Cannabis Plants is The Best Way to Increase your Yield of your Cannabis Plants! Do you want to Have Multiple Colas and Budding sites. Learn Proper Techniques to Succeed! New methods !

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Strain Specific CBD cartridges; 1/2g and 1g . Our THC vape oils are potent and pure. We produce our THC vape cartridges in multiple strains, demonstrating the diverse range of terpene profiles naturally present in cannabis flowers. Our Gorilla Glue has a complex piney flavor, and our Lavender Kush has a notable floral bouquet.

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GMO/TK Skunk. No products were found matching your selection. Search for: Search. Product categories

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Best Online Vape Shop. VaporFi is the online vape shop of choice for countless customers and we’re on a mission to change the way you vape. We cater to vapers of all levels of expertise, from the beginners looking for their first kit to the advanced cloud chasers looking for high powered mods and the most complex of flavors.
AK Bean Brains – Big Bud x Open Skunk $ 60.00. Compare. AK Bean Brains – Big Skunk/NL1 x Super Skunk $ 60.00. Compare. AK Bean Brains – Black Domina BX $ 100.00. Compare. AK Bean Brains – Black Domina Super Skunk $ 60.00. Compare. AK Bean Brains – Blue Meanie (Blue Dream x TK NL5 Haze) $ 60.00. Compare. AK Bean Brains – Blueberry ...
Stronger forms of the drug include high potency strains - known as sinsemilla (sin-seh-me-yah), hashish (hash for short), and extracts including hash oil, shatter, wax, and budder. Of the more than 500 chemicals in marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol , known as THC, is responsible for many of the drug’s psychotropic (mind-altering) effects.
Sep 11, 2020 · Steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 if you are sick. If you have a fever, cough or other symptoms, you might have COVID-19. Most people have mild illness and are able to recover at home.
The pre-filled THC cartridges we sell come in various flavors that represent the strains the THC vape juice is made from. They remain some of our most ordered cannabis products as you can start vaping immediately you buy it. It also saves money as you no longer need to buy THC vape juice on a regular basis. Buy THC Vape Juice Separate

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Nov 17, 2020 · The Skunk was also an old school strain that was memorable speaking of skunks. Just like ice cream flavors, there cannot be too many flavors or strains of weed. The Greenthumb crew gets back into movies about aliens, like district 9 and independence day. CONGRATS TO TODAYS WINNER TK_OR_BETTER!!!
Strain and Cannabinoid Testing . 1 – strain $60.00 . 2 – strains $50.00 ea. 3 – strains $40.00 ea. 4 – strains $30.00 ea. 5 + – strains $20.00 ea.. Strain Testing includes the following results: % THC, % CBD, %THCv, %CBG, %CBC . Foreign Material (impurities) inspection by Microscopic Visual Inspection Smoking weed when your throat is sore will only irritate it further. But that doesn't mean you have to put down the pipe for longer than necessary. Smoking weed doesn't necessarily have to cause a sore throat.